Key Personnel

The AGAIR Group is an Australian business which is wholly owned by Australian families who have long standing associations with the aviation industry.

Their commitment and dedication to the business, and the industry is displayed within this experience.

Rob Boschen

Chief Executive Officer
With a life in aviation that now spans 40 years, Rob developed a customer base in the Hay district in the early 1980’s. In the late 1990’s, under Robs management, a continuously staffed fixed base operation was established at the Hay airport. Rob continues to oversee the Hay operations and enjoys any opportunity to spend time at Hay.

Guy Stevenson

Chief Operating Officer
Guys career in aviation has seen him flying different aircraft in many countries around the world however now he spends most of his time managing the Agflite business and running the day to day operations at Hay. With over 20 years of aerial agricultural flying experience he gains the most satisfaction providing a first class service to the farming community in the Hay district.