Aerial Firefighting

AGAIR Response specialise in finding aerial fire fighting solutions. It was one of the first business’s in Australia to supply the Air Tractor AT-802 fire bombing aircraft to fire agencies and now hold multiple long term contracts within the country.

The AGAIR Board identified that fire agencies would benefit with having aircraft larger than the AT-802. An agreement was struck in 2008 with 10 Tanker Air Carrier to pave the way to supply their DC10 VLAT (Very Large Air Tanker) aircraft to fight fires in Australia.

Subsequently in the summer of 2009/10, AGAIR supplied a DC10 to Australian fire agencies for a trial. With a capability to deliver quantities of retardant to a fire that were unprecedented, the DC10 became a game changer for Australian fire agencies and provided enormous benefit in subsequent years. AGAIR had introduced Australian fire agencies to the jet aircraft age. An aircraft platform which is becoming more popular in recent years for aerial fire fighting.

In addition to providing fire agencies with fire bombing aircraft, AGAIR supply several supervision aircraft known as Birddogs. These aircraft are generally dispatched to an incident first and maintain a safe working environment over the fire ground for the fire bombing aircraft.

The core values of PROFESSIONALISM, SAFETY AND PROGRESSIVE drive the AGAIR team to aspire to meeting the community expectations of a first responding business.